Healthy eating contest helps kids at school

By Ron Thomson Posted 1 hour ago Looking to help families get the fresh as well as healthy start to the new school year, the Heart as well as Stroke Foundation's Health Check module has launched the contest to encourage kids as well as parents to eat healthy.The Back to School Eat Well & Win contest runs through Sept. 9 as well as will hand out the $1,000 grocery present card to the grand-prize winner in each province. Daily prizes, such as, lunch bags, backpacks, water bottles as well as cookbooks, will also be handed out.To enter the contest, go to eating throughout the day is one of the most important things for family health as well as is pass to success at school, said Amanda Nash, the registered dietitian as well as community nourishment manager with the Heart as well as Stroke Foundation."We know that healthy meals throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, supper as well as snacks, are important to kids' success in school," she saidStarting the day with the healthy breakfast is the perfect way to get the head start on the school day, Nash said."Easting the healthy breakfast before school is very important," she said. "Research has shown that beginning the day with the nutritious breakfast can help kids to concentrate more, to be more alert as well as to be more creative."Breakfast helps starts students start out the day on the right foot, Nash said, but snacks as well as lunches throughout the day are also important to keep them nourished as well as meet their dietary requirements."Research has shown that people who eat more fruits as well as vegetables more often have the decreased risk for heart disease as well as stroke, so make sure we include the four food groups with the focus on those fruits as well as vegetables in the lunches as well as in the snacks," Nash said. "It's very pass to ensure growth as well as performance."There! is the lot of online information as well as resources available to help parents as well as students put together healthy meals as well as snacks at the Health Check website,"We have lots of information, lots of recipes, there's healthy eating as well as nourishment tips, as well," Nash said. "This new app we that have, it's the recipe app for your phone as well as it actually can help we choose different recipes, plan your meals, it creates the shopping list for we with the recipes we choose as well as then it also provides the nutritional information for those recipes, as well." When packing lunches as well as snacks, Nash said to make sure the items packed fit into the four food groups. "A good way to think about it is if it doesn't fit into the four food groups in Canada's food guide then it's probably not the best choice," she said.Often during lunchtime as well as breaks, students will swap the contents of their lunch bags with their peers, looking for the treat. This is the challenge parents face, Nash said, but it is avoidable."The biggest challenge for Canadian parents is trying to prepare healthy lunches that their kids are going to like as well as are going to eat." She said. "You do see some trading as well as we also find some lunches sometimes packed in the bottom of the school bag that don't actually get consumed."The best way to combat lunchtime trading is to involve kids with packing their lunch. This way they'll get something the want."The best way to avoid that is keep your kids involved in the process," Nash said. "When you're packing lunches, talk to your children. Find out what they want, ask them what they would like, or actually get them to pack it themselves. If we plan ahead as well as we prepare as well as we have the whole bunch of healthy options ready to go, we can put them out almost like the buffet line as well as the kids can go down that line as well as choose what they're going to have." &#! 13; Advertisement

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