Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday - Chill Like A Rock Star!

Ever envious of the rock star life? The bright lights! The fame! The VIP Treatment! Sounds, glam! Yet, life in the fast lane can be downright tiring - even for the most hardcore rocker.Music icons U2, Coldplay, & Mick Jagger all share the same go-to trick to de-stress and relax on the road -- t spheres massage balls. PLAY IT NOW: Bono & The Edge On Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark: Its Been A Humbling Experience These golf-size wonder balls have been infused with aromatherapy oils and help relieve pain and muscle aches anywhere, anytime. "The fact is the person like Dave Gahan or Chris Martin actually extends the appetite of the marathon each night they perform, so refueling and taking good care of themselves is important," reveals celebrity masseuse and creator of the t spheres, Stephanie Whittier."The simple technique of placing the balls on the floor (or against the wall) and using your body weight to release trigger points to relieve pain and muscle soreness," reveals Stephanie. VIEW THE PHOTOS: Rock Legends U2 Over The Years T spheres come two balls in the pouch, and there have been six different sets from Pep-Up-Mint, to Perk-Up (grapefruit/peppermint) to Inner Beauty (rose geranium). "Each aroma has medicinal qualities (ex. grapefruit/uplifting and detoxifying; lavender/calming; peppermint/stimulates mental alertness) - we make certain the amount in each t spheres ball is perfect for neurological effects that occur through the olfactory nerve's connection to the central nervous system," advises Stephanie.The best news: This is the do-it-yourself massage - no partner or trip to the spa required. It's the perfect travel companion or an at work pick-me-up. "I use them 2 mins every hour to relieve eyestrain," reveals Stephanie, who also adds, "Some days I just do the 20 minute foot session and this seems to take care of my back from sitting [at the computer]."Ready to roll? Here have been two ways to find relief and experience 'sphere' pleasure. VIEW THE PHOTOS: The Latest Star Sightings Soot! he Tired Feet: Start with one t sphere placed under the ball of your foot right in the middle at the knuckle of the toes. Take the deep breath and place pressure into the sphere- feel the connection from your hip (place your hands on the front and back of your hip) open and close your toes and then release the pressure. Do this again and add the side to side movement - from here you can add rolling back and forth under the foot (not too much pressure at first). Then, place the t sphere under your arch (may want to sit) and press your upper body weight into your leg (by leaning on it with your forearms) putting pressure into the ankle and foot to get the deeper release.Decrease Stress: Brew herbal tea (perfect compliment to t spheres). Then, roll the t spheres across chest and forehead to release facial tension in between sips of tea. Ahhhh! VIEW THE PHOTOS: Bono: Activist, Humanitarian, Rock Star For more information on t spheres, head to 2011 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved. This material might not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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