Healthy Living: Fitness Magazine recommends best healthy snacks

5:00 AM By:Kafi Drexel Fitness Magazine is running some glorious full of health snack tips in its current issue, and Kafi Drexel talked to its executive editor about making the most of the munchies without loading up on calories. '); if(infobox=='True' && ShowInfoBox_l553690_0==false){ jQuery("#player_infobarl553690_0").trigger('click'); ShowInfoBox_l553690_0==true; } }; $.setup_player(Play_Conf); //info bar setup jQuery('#player_infobarl553690_0').click(function() { var $info =jQuery('#player_info_contentl553690_0'); if($info.text()!=''){ var $content = jQuery('div',$info); //min heigth var min = $content.css('min-height'); var max = $content.css('max-height'); $info.slideToggle(600); ShowInfoBox_l553690_0=!ShowInfoBox_l553690_0; } }); }); Fitness Magazine features some fresh tips and top picks in its annual Healthy Food Awards, which is running in their current issue.Pam OBrien, executive editor of Fitness, has some tips for snackers that want their munchies without a store of calories.You're better off snacking when you're hungry, says OBrien. Basically what you want to be doing is eating every three to four hours, because it keeps your blood sugar levels stable and it keeps your energy level stable, as well, and also it keeps your metabolism humming.Fitness Magazine helps break down a list editors say will be a "win" for diets. Hummus and c! heese sn acks grab top honors.The magazines experts also suggest items like Cape Cod's Sweet Mesquite Barbeque Chips with 40% less fat or Kernel Seasons Real Butter Popcorn.This popcorns great. It tastes like your favorite movie theater snack but it doesn't have the fat or the calories. Two cups have been 160 calories, and it's loaded with fiber so it's a really full of health snack, says OBrien.For those longing something sweet, they suggest Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Singles Bars from Dove because they're only 200 calories each. Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding made with low fat milk also made the list during 110 calories and only one gram of fat per cup. For a low-cal chill, they suggest a scoop of Blue Bunny White Chocolate Raspberry, an all-natural frozen yogurt or Haagen-Dazs Milk Chocolate Five.This is what the testers really loved. They thought the chocolaty flavor was really great and this ice cream contains only five ingredients, so it's not loaded with a lot of artificial flavors or anything. It's 220 calories a half cup, so it's kind of for those chocoholics out there. It's the perfect treat, says OBrien.Need to wash it all down? Selections from Odwalla and Vitamin Water also made Fitness' list since they're packed with nutrients and not calories.

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