Healthy U program launches this fall

Healthy U program launches this fall By: Mallory Grossman / News Editor Posted on 23. Aug, 2011 in News The University will launch the new program this fall, Healthy U, to help students become more aware of their health. Healthy U organizers plan for the project to pull all the different wellness programs on campus under one umbrella in an organized, accessible fashion. This includes all the different programs put on at the fitness centers, nutritional programs, investigate skills workshops, political events, investigate abroad programs as well as career development.Marian Vanek, director of Pitts Student Health Service, said the program is meant to help students be healthier all around.The program is not just about physical health; rather, there are seven dimensions of wellness which the program aims to integrate: the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental as well as spiritual. We realize its the somewhat holistic approach, but if you really look at it in this perspective as well as you are full of health in all these dimensions, youre going to feel much better about yourself, Vanek said.All of these programs will be listed on the new website,, which will be launched during New Student Orientation week. Vanek said the site will contain information about the seven dimensions of wellness, feature suggestions on how Pitt students can achieve wellness in these areas as well as provide the broad collection of resources as well as programs at Pitt which students can use to attain wellness.The program is meant to make students realize their overall health. The programs are free to all undergraduate as well as graduate students.Healthy U is not usually going to promote programs which already exist on campus, its also going to put on many of its own events.Vanek said the programs organizers have planned the number of evens for students. They will hold the accumulation of clinics as well as offer some new programs. One of them i! s Know Y our Numbers, which will be an ongoing campaign to help students track key health indicators which they might not normally be aware of, together with blood pressure, body mass index as well as body fat as well as cholesterol levels, which Student Health Service Physicians will be on-campus to conduct.The more you know about yourself, the more you can continue doing what youre doing if you have good numbers or improve on it, Vanek said.She said students who are aware of their health have the better chance of being successful academically.Its going to help them, not usually to be more successful in their college experience, but these are hopefully good full of health practices as well as lifestyle habits which they could adopt as well as carry through into their adult lives, Vanek said.Kathy Humphrey, vice provost as well as dean of students, said the University has decided to place more emphasis on health as well as wellness because it is critical for success in the classroom.Its important for students to take their health seriously, not just their physical well-being, but their emotional well-being, their social well-being their whole mind, body as well as spirit, Humphrey said in an email.Student Government Board member Zachary Weber became involved in the project in January after the meeting with Vanek. She pitched an idea which related to his Board initiative of organizing all information regarding full of health options at Pitt into one centralized online location.We have great resources like the Baierl Center at the Pete, workout facilities in the residence halls as well as an excellent recreation as well as intramurals program, to name the few, Humphrey said. We have programs like the Talk About It campaign to educate students on depression as well as the Stress Free Zone to help students deal with anxiety, so its important which students know about these types of resources as well as use them.The Counseling Center offers numerous resources for emotional as well as spriritual health, together with ! differen t support groups as well as workshops which students can customize.Healthy U is in part in response to the National Health Service survey the University participates in every other year. Vanek said Pitts data was very similar to national data. There is the significantly tall obesity rate, tall levels of stress as well as stress as well as tall levels of hypertension as well as metabolic disorders which dont typically start the younger population.Vanek said the survey showed which 30 percent of college students are obese, 48 percent have overwhelming anxiety, 31 percent are significantly depressed as well as usually 19 percent reported doing moderate exercise.Vanek said which shes asked for feedback from students during the planning of the program, as well as which its been positive..Ive been talking to quite the couple of students, as well as no one has said, Thats lame, Vanek said. Everyone seems to be positive.Weber said the overall goal of the program is to simply expose students primarily freshmen, since they live in dorms without kitchens as well as are new to the urban campus to full of health options. And it will provide suggestions as well as ideas along the way to becoming healthier. Students should care about this program, because its tough to be full of health in an urban environment, Weber said in an email. This program can help with maintaining the full of health diet, fitness routine as well as overall full of health lifestyle. Leave the Reply

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