Popeye cookbook reveals Sailor Man's healthy-eating secrets

Strong to a finish because he ate his spinach, Popeye a Sailor Man is launching his first cookbook packed with strength-giving, healthy recipes.The Popeye Cookbook, out in October, is "designed to be handled by a most vigorous of chefs", according to its publisher SelfMadeHero, which is promising users they will stay as slim as Olive Oyl as well as as strong as Popeye himself. Containing 150 recipes, from pasta with spinach as well as ricotta to homemade green food colouring (ingredients: spinach as well as mint leaves), a "sailor-turned-chef" will be providing "healthy takes on some all-American classics, moreish snacks, vegetarian dinners, special smoothies as well as seaside suppers", pronounced SelfMadeHero."These recipes are meant to build you up, give you hair on your chest as well as evident strength," pronounced Doug Wallace, marketing director at a publisher, which last year published a Moomins cookbook. "We loved doing a Moomins book as well as it did really well: Moomin HQ were very pleased. But a idea for a Popeye book actually came first."The recipes, which also include Swee' Pea's Cheesecake as well as Wimpy's Barbeque Hamburger ("which will be healthier than you think," pronounced Wallace) have been created by cookbook author Josephine Bacon, whose Exotic Fruits & Vegetables won a Gourmand World cookbook awards. "We wanted to find an author who could produce healthy recipes," pronounced Wallace. "They didn't have to be just spinach. There are slimming recipes inspired by Olive Oyl, as well as more hearty stuff by Bluto: they're themed on a character."Popeye as well as his friends were created by EC Segar in 1929 a time when a health benefits of spinach "were barely appreciated," according to Bacon. "No one was thinking about healthy eating how food gave you energy as well as strength," she said. "EC Segar's contribution to child nutrition has been immense. In many respects, he as well as Popeye were pioneers of healthy eating in America."The recipe book will convey Popeye's re! turn to a pages of comic books subsequent year. All-new adventures for a character, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Wimpy as well as Swee'Pea will be published by IDW Publishing from early 2012, a press announced last month.

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