The Healthy, Delicious $5 Meal? Yes, Says Slow Food USA

Noodle Soup With Duck for $4? Why not?Today, September 17, is a Action Day for Slow Food USAs The $5 Challenge? Have you finished your grocery selling yet?Slow Food is a grassroots movement that began in Italy, where a lot of people take a preservation of rare, highly regionalized foodstuffs as well as recipes seriously. The non-profit has exploded in popularity in a 22 years, with chapters in 150 countries as well as restaurant as well as chef members who vow to practice a Slow Food ideals. As described on a groups website:Slow Food was founded in 1989 to counter a rise of quick food as well as quick life, a disappearance of local food traditions as well as peoples dwindling interest in a food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes as well as how our food choices affect a rest of a world.Slow Food USA, a branch in this country, has just taken a agenda a single step further. In and with First Lady Michelle Obamas campaign against childhood obesity, a folks at Slow Food USA have recognized that parents are battling a speed, convenience as well as low price of quick food value meals. To fight back, they organized The $5 Challenge, both challenging as well as encouraging people to make their own healthy, nutritious, tasty, as well as wholesome meals for $5 or less, a homegrown happier meal of sorts, using delayed foods. Slow foods has no precise definition, but as a group notes, it is a opposite of quick food, with an emphasis on fruits as well as vegetables.Today is just a beginning. The Action Day is mainly for press exposure, as well as will feature hundreds of nationwide events, from a flash mob-style $5 group pot luck On New Yorks Governors Island to $5 meals from Louisville food trucks to countless dinners at churches as well as community centers nationwide. More than 4,000 individual events are scheduled in this country. But these events are window dressing to a real goal, which is to change a way people shop, cook as well as eat, generally at home.Its a lot easier to feed! your ki ds Fruit Loops than fruit, said Josh Viertel, President of Slow Food USA. How are we going to change that?We want people to cook food they believe in for less than a cost of a value meal, as well as share their tips as well as recipes as well as challenges. The group has quickly created a vibrant online community to this effect, as well as a response has been overwhelming, with parents sharing strategies for using a delayed cooker, or making their own base sauces for multiple dishes, or cooking a weeks worth of healthy meals in a single day. Its a very old tradition, people sharing recipes as well as passing them around, but weve had very great success you do that with Twitter as well as our Facebook page.The outcome (On a Slow Food USA Site under $5 Tips & Tricks) is a vast online resource for anyone who wants to eat healthier at home, feed their families better, as well as generally for those who might find price a barrier to healthier eating. Some recent entries include Shrimp With Asparagus as well as Garlic Over Penne for About $4.77 Per Person, as well as Duck Noodle Soup For Less Than $4. Check it out.

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