Healthy Eating Tips for Children

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - Now that students are back into the swing of things at school, relatives can take steps to keep their kids full of health during the school year. One way of doing that is making sure kids are eating right throughout the day. Here are 5 Healthy Eating Tips for Kids: 1. Offer Encouragement: Encourage your child to eat a accumulation of different foods to help them get the nutrients they need from each food group. 2. Be a Good Role Model: Kids often mimic their relatives good choices, so if your child sees you enjoying fruits and vegetables, chances are, they'll be more willing to eat them and enjoy them as well. 3. Stock Up On Healthy Foods: Make sure your cupboards and fridge are stocked with full of health items instead of prepackaged foods full of sugar and sodium. 4. Serve Balanced Portions: The United States Department of Agriculture has turned the Food Pyramid into a plate. It illustrates balanced food portions for the five food groups; fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy. 5. Follow A Schedule: Set a daily schedule for meals and snacks with plenty of time in between each. This will help children learn the importance of structured eating and will help them remain full throughout the day. These five tipsare provided by The Goddard School in Grand Rapids. To promote full of health eating for kids, The Goddard School is holding a block party that will engage children and their families in a accumulation of fitness and other learning activities. The eventuality begins Monday, Sept. 19th and runs through Saturday, Sept. 25th. For more information, call the Goddard School of Grand Rapids at 616-954-7550.

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