Healthy Living: Choosing the right sunscreen

Updated5:00 AM By:Casey J. Bortnick '); if(infobox=='True' && ShowInfoBox_l556754_0==false){ jQuery("#player_infobarl556754_0").trigger('click'); ShowInfoBox_l556754_0==true; } }; $.setup_player(Play_Conf); //info bar setup jQuery('#player_infobarl556754_0').click(function() { var $info =jQuery('#player_info_contentl556754_0'); if($info.text()!=''){ var $content = jQuery('div',$info); //min heigth var min = $content.css('min-height'); var max = $content.css('max-height'); $info.slideToggle(600); ShowInfoBox_l556754_0=!ShowInfoBox_l556754_0; } }); }); Sunbather Alana Hermann is, Absolutely all about what's healthy for your skin." Choosing the right sunscreen isnt easy, but is crucial in protecting your skin.Sunbather Marilee Nieznanski asks, "Whatever it is I'm not supposed to use or have a certain level of. It's confusing." What do those numbers really mean as well as is any sunscreen really waterproof? A lot of them say sport on them so does sweat make it come off?For years, Dr. Brett Shulman has been doing his best to answer these kinds of questions. He says measuring one sunscreen against another can be difficult.The biggest problem really is understanding how the system works. The sun insurance value or SPF is a magnitude or insurance not a level or how much or little you'll tan. SPF is simply not a number of how little you'll tan but rathe! r a magn itude of how much time you'll have insurance on the UVB side of the spectrum," Shulman said.To help the public better assimilate these numbers as well as to eliminate misleading claims the federal government is updating its rules. Sunscreen products that pass a broad spectrum test will be labeled as "broad spectrum" which denotes insurance against both UVA as well as UVB rays. Shulman said, Overall what we've done is taken a very complicated system that people really didn't assimilate very well as well as have actually added definitions as well as a mechanism by which we can all assimilate what you're getting when you buy a bottle of sunscreen."Even with the changes Shulman says more can as well as will eventually be down. Shulman said that, This is an improvement. it is not the final step." Two million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year as well as beach goers say helping people better assimilate what's in sunscreen is important. "If you really do not know about that kind of thing you're going by what society tells you to wear as well as what looks cool as well as sun tan lotion instead of sunscreen, said Hermann."Make it so a normal person can assimilate it as well as I do not have to be a scientist to pick out my sunscreen, said Nieznanski.

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