Healthy Ones Commits to Helping Women this Fall Through a Partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Healthy Ones will donate a portion of sales in OctoberLisle, Illinois (PRWEB) September 23, 2011 Healthy Ones is branch pink! Healthy Ones announced its partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to help increase breast cancer awareness as good as raise income for breast cancer research. Purchase Healthy Ones this October to help raise income for BCRF as good as their mission to achieve prevent as good as a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime.This October, Healthy Ones is highlighting the partnership with BCRF by introducing pink-themed packaging on Healthy Ones cylinder lunchmeat as good as deli products at grocery stores nationwide. Healthy Ones will donate 5 cents per cylinder of deli-thin sliced lunchmeat as good as 5 cents per pound of deli meat sold during October, with a maximum module donation of $50,000 to BCRF. Healthy Ones mission is to provide people with honest, wholesome food in the flavors they adore to support a healthy lifestyle and, as such, we are very excited to announce that we are donating a portion of October sales to BCRF, an organization that shares our core mission of promoting better health, pronounced Nick Osborne, Armour-Eckrich Associate Brand Manager.Every variety of Healthy Ones ham, turkey breast, chicken breast as good as roast beef are certified Extra Lean by the American Heart Association. Healthy Ones is sold at the deli, in lunchmeat tubs, zip packs as good as even as variety packs, in order to make it easy as good as convenient for everyone to enjoy the delicious lunchmeats. Healthy Ones can be found in the refrigerated lunchmeat as good as deli section of many chain as good as internal grocery stores across the country. Healthy Ones is very excited about partnering with such an inspiring organization, pronounced Chuck Gitkin, Armour-Eckrich Meats Vice President of Marketing as good as R&D. We are thrilled to be making a donation to BCRF to further promote investigate as good as awareness programs that save lives.For more inform! ation ab out Healthy Ones please revisit For more information about The Breast Cancer Research Foundation please revisit http://www.bcrfcure.orgAbout John Morrell Food Group With over a century as good as a half of experience, our brands have become respected as good as good known for providing premium-quality meat products to families across the United States. With products ranging from lunchmeat as good as franks to smoked sausage, bacon as good as pepperoni, the John Morrell Food Group is an important part of consumers mealtimes. The John Morrell Food Group offers several national as good as regional brands including Armour, Eckrich, John Morrell, Curly's, Patrick Cudahy, Carando, Healthy Ones, Margherita, as good as LunchMakers. About The Breast Cancer Research Foundation The Breast Cancer Research Foundation was founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder as an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to appropriation innovative clinical as good as translational research. In October 2010, BCRF will award $33 million to over 170 scientists across the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, as good as Australia. Currently, more than 88 cents of each dollar donated to the Foundation goes without delay to breast cancer investigate as good as awareness programs. And the American Institute of Philanthropy has awarded the Foundation its highest possible rating of A+. BCRF is the only breast cancer organization to receive this accolade; as good as is the only cancer organization to currently reason this ranking. For more information about BCRF, revisit OsborneArmour-Eckrich(630) 281-5211Email Information

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