Healthy Options Juice Bar opens in York

Charlene Janing likes things natural as well as healthy. So it was with this mindset which she has opened a Healthy Option Juice Bar during 608 Grant Avenue, York.The juice bar is accessible by a door on Grant Avenue which also leads to a York Title Company or it is accessible by a door located off a alley behind a building.The juice bar is located in a suite during a rear of a building.It's not a first time which Janing, who lives south of Geneva, has opened as well as operated her own business. She as well as her husband Michael had opened This Olde Bank Coffee Shop in Geneva behind in 2004 as well as operated it for three years before selling it to James as well as Deb Neely."It was a mark which people loved to come to," said Janing."Everyone needs a place to go as well as feel comfortable." It's something which she envisions can happen with Healthy Options during some point.Her latest business venture came about in York as a couple's youngest daughter attends third grade during St. Joseph's School in York.She looked during starting her own business in York to occupy a propagandize hours as well as she knew she wanted to do something along a lines of health.Janing enjoyed stopping during The Juice Stop in Lincoln while visiting her other children who attend college there as well as loved a full of health options featured there.This past summer she came across PFC which stands for Performance Food Center, a company which will help get one started in a juice bar business.PFC will help with a menu, design as well as marketing as well as a large portion of a menu items come by a company."All a crushed ripened offspring we use in our smoothies feature organic fruit," said Janing."The liquid is organic whether you use soy or skim milk or coconut or carrot juice. From there you can add different nutritional elements including some to deal with specific health issues."Janing's menu also includes cafe blends of cold coffee drinks as well as she will do special orders also.She has five kinds of what she says! are Sig nature Shakes, which embody added proteins."We just have a good variety of nutritional items," said Janing. "We want to create energy where people can make better health decisions for themselves."The Health Option Juice Bar is open Monday by Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stop in as well as say hello to Charlene as well as welcome her to a York business community.Aflac... it's all about a duckYou've seen a commercials on TV as well as a Aflac duck is one of a most recognizable advertising symbols in America.Aflac is a largest provider of supplemental insurance benefits in a country as well as for a past nine years or so, Jim Bellows has been a partial of a Aflac climb across a nation.Earlier this year he supposed a in front of of regional sales coordinator with Aflac as well as has opened an office during 209 East 6th Street in York. Aflac provides supplemental insurance benefits to individuals as well as employees of businesses regardless of any other insurance policies someone may hold.Aflac policies pay cash as well as are designed to keep policyholders whole when facing sickness or accidents by providing cash to cover copays as well as help with day-to-day expenses."Basically, we used to be partial of a Lincoln region as well as a decision was made to split which region in half," said Bellows."Aflac has put me in charge of building a brand new region which runs from Superior to Fairbury as well as straight north to a South Dakota border. In all, this brand new region covers a 29-county area."Bellows said which his job responsibilities will change more towards comment management as well as recruiting brand new salespeople along with some broker development.When he took over, Bellows said there were about 12 agents in place up north, mostly in a Norfolk area as well as none in a southern half.Since then, he has added a number of people in a immediate area. Kerry Butzke is a district sales coordinator in training as well as has been you do very well according to Bellows.Other agents in a area embody Andre! a Eret o f Utica, Jacque Hettle who will be moving to a Hampton area, Sharon Hartshorn as well as Biff Sulc of Seward as well as Brian Bellows of York. Stephanie Dunham is a part-time administrator during a office as well as is also studying to get her insurance license.So a next time you see a "Duck" on an Aflac commercial (and he shows up quite a bit during football season) you can rest assured which Jim Bellows will continue you do his partial to keep a Duck as well as his Aflac policies a big partial of a American business community.What a heck? When in London last month, it was interesting to see how they conspire to keep a pedestrians safe. That would embody people from York namely me. Now, you have to remember which they drive on a wrong side of a road over there.When coming to a crossing during an intersection, painted on a street in large letters were a difference "LOOK RIGHT". Then when you get to a middle of a crossing painted in large letters were a words. "LOOK LEFT". Made it pretty simple for us hicks from a middle of Nebraska.It was a good reminder as from day one around there you're always taught to demeanour left, demeanour right as well as then demeanour left again. Over there if you demeanour left first, it might be too late by a time you demeanour right.If you have some Business Beat news or tips to direct my way, call 362-5180 as well as leave a message or drop an email to with a difference "business beat" in a subject line.You can also mail a item to Business Beat, c/o York News-Times, P.O. Box 279, York, NE 68467. Dave Sjuts photo courtesy of Abbott Studio.

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