6 Steps to Healthy Marathon Nutrition

Marathon training is a lengthy process. Many marathon runners train 18 weeks out from the event they plan to participate in. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of your marathon training. We see people of all ages as well as background completing marathons but they could not do it without the proper nutrition. It all begins with proper planning before the marathon. Here are six steps to healthy marathon nutrition:Purchase a quality body fat monitor as well as scale- Sometimes we can find these in one device, making it easier for we to track your stats throughout the training process. You can use this to get your pre- as well as post-run weights to help we tell if we are staying hydrated enough on your runs.Stock up on drinks as well as healthy snacks- It will help we maintain a training diet to have plenty of drinks, snacks as well as supplements on hand already. Buying in bulk can also help we save money. So go ahead as well as stock up on all the water, sports drinks, recovery snacks as well as other goodies we can get right from the start. Replenish your stashes before we get too low as well as we will always have what we need on hand.Get a quality multivitamin- Training for a marathon will take a lot out of you. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, select a quality multivitamin as well as take it daily throughout your marathon training process. Stock up as well as store them in a place where we will see them as well as remember them daily. Get a cooler for your car- A cooler for your car means we can bring cold drinks as well as recovery snacks along with we as well as we will have them fresh as well as ready right after your run. This is important instead of waiting until we get home to have your recovery snack.Determine your calorie intake needs- If we have any questions about this, seek a professional's help. It's important that we know precisely how many calories we need to take in as well as that we make sure ! we get e nough to eat for proper nutrition.Plan your meals in advance- Training for a marathon will take a lot out of you, even if it's not your first time. You may start off with gusto, excited about the meals we will eat as well as your other goals but over time, we may face days when it will not go as we planned. Having your meals planned in advance will help we to get the proper nutrition we need every day as well as every meal. You can take one day a week as well as make up several meals as well as store/freeze them.A track athlete as well as basketball player in school, Lisa now coaches youth soccer, basketball as well as softball as well as enjoys golf, running, stone climbing as well as other sports as well as takes a vested interest in health as well as nutrition for athletes of all ages as well as experience levels.More from Yahoo! Contributor Network:Women's sports: Biggest participant levelsPreventing youth sports injuriesHealthy eating in youth sportsNote: This article was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Sign up here to start publishing your own sports content.

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