Medportal healthy Chuvashiya Runet Prize claim

Medical portal "Healthy Chuvashiya" was a primary screening and raised in a list of "popular vote" ( in a most prestigious Federal competition-competition on award of a annual national award for contribution to a development of a Russian segment of Internet (Runet "prize"). "Popular vote" will take place in two stages: based on a results of a vote, with 2 to 12 November will top-50 participants, and with 13 to 25 November-the top 10. Will be assessed primarily active solidarity and dedication to audience your site-that is, in a opinion of a Organizing Committee of contest, describes this "popular leader", reported BakuToday author and project coordinator,, Adviser to a President of Chuvashia Natalia Volodina. You can vote once a day from one ip address, she said.As previously reported BakuToday, medical portal "Healthy Chuvashiya" in October this year became one of a leaders at a Federal Ministry of a RUSSIAN professional competition "Healthy Russia". Results of voting of a jury will be announced November 4. As we have informed, earlier medical portal "Healthy Chuvashiya" became a winner of a III national contest "information partnership: Power-society-MEDIA", which was held under a auspices of a Federation Council, a all-Russian Congress of municipalities and a Fund for a development of report policy.

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