Meals to Live Offers Healthy Holiday Tips for People Living with Diabetes

DALLAS , Dec.21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Each year, a holiday season brings good tidings and cheer along with an abundance of sweet treats, from tasty eggnog to candy canes. The holiday food frenzy actually begins with Halloween candy and lingers all a way until a big game, offering a steady stream of tempting goodies that can be a real hazard for a millions of people living with diabetes or at risk for diabetes. Currently about 26 million Americans have a disease and another 79 million have been identified with pre-diabetes. A recent report from a International Diabetes Federation shows that one in 10 adults worldwide could have diabetes by 2030. Most cases of diabetes are Type 2, which is linked to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle. Meals to Live, a first grocery store line of frozen entrees for people living with diabetes, partnered with registered dietitian, Jennifer Neily , to provide quick and easy tips for enjoying a season while maintaining a full of health diet. Eat before a party: Curb your appetite for unhealthy treats with a full of health snack before you leave a house. Packed with protein and fiber, Meals to Live entrees provide a quick and nutritious option to enjoy before heading into a holiday food danger zone. Only eat what you love: Chances are if you don't enjoy a first bite, a second bite will not be any better. Learning to savor a flavor of foods you love can help cut a calories all year long. Eat your calories, don't drink them: The holidays can sneak in specialty drinks, creating higher calorie counts and adding more sugar than you think. In fact, a 16-ounce glass of soda and most "liquid sugar", including no sugar added juice, equals about 13 teaspoons of sugar. Alcohol, soda, sweet tea, sport drinks, lemonade and even juice add significantly to daily calorie intake. Avoid BLTs: BLT stands for bites, licks and tastes. The calories in a small piece of candy at a office, a holiday drink sample at a coffee shop and a "test" taste of a candied sweet potatoes before dinner! all add up. In fact, BLTs can account for more than 600 calories on top of what you normally consume. Choose wisely, and avoid them when you can.Follow a 80/20 or 90/10 rule: If 80 to 90 percent of a time you are eating a full of health diet, you can afford a bit of indulgence. The important thing is to get right back on track with your full of health eating habits. "The holidays can be a difficult time for people trying to maintain a full of health diet and manage their diabetes, but they can still enjoy a festivities," said Meals to Live Founder and CEO Cole Egger . "By employing these tips during a holidays and year round, you can maintain a full of health lifestyle without missing out on a fun."About Meals to Live:Founded in 2010, Meals to live is a only line of frozen meals specifically designed for those living with diabetes. Available for purchase at more than 2,000 retail locations in a U.S., Meals to Live may also be purchased online through a company's website . In 2011, Meals to Live introduces its quick-dissolve Glucose Quick Sticks, expanding its line of diabetic-friendly products. Meals to Live is a proud sponsor of a Diabetes Friendly Foundation (DFF). This press release was issued through For further information, visit

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