Three healthy menus for January

So youve overdone it a touch during Christmas. Well, it happens. But that doesn't mean we have to live on lettuce. These dishes will help get things back on an even keel in no time. The 'meat free' menu If we fancy cutting out meat for a day, and after plenty ofturkey, ham, beef, pork pies and sausage, thats probably no bad thing, try these. StarterJust because you're cutting back a bit doesn't mean we have to compromise on flavour. Whats more we still want something thatll warm we up. Stella McCartney's Winter minestrone soup will do just that. It's also handy for using up any vegetables you've got hanging around. Main As well as being child friendly, Annabel Karmel's vegetable burgers use tasty cashew nuts. You could perhaps add in any other nuts you've got left over, as long as they're unsalted. Just roast them in the oven to bring out the flavour. DessertSophie Grigson's aromatic oranges with pistachios and honey are as light and healthy a pud as there is. Theyre also a doddle to make, after all youve probably spent enough time in the kitchen over the past week or two. The bring me sunshine menu After all the rich food and cold dark nights, were all apt to seek a little sunshine. This menu takes its influence from foreign climes, think of it as a mini-holiday without the striking air traffic controllers. StarterOmar Allibhoy's olive winter salad is simple, tasty and made from things youve probably got lurking in the back of your cupboards. In fact we could use this as an opportunity to clear them out. If we find something really old let us know! MainMarco Pierre White's grilled tuna steaks a la Nioise is a play on the classic salade nioise from the region of Nice in France. Theres no real skill to it, its just an assembly of good ingredients that work very well together. DessertFor pud were off to India for Josceline Dimbleby's golden favourite, a yogurt-based dessert scattered with pomegranate seeds and pistachio! s that i s a speciality of the Gujarat, a region of western India. The 'light but luxurious' menu If youve not gorged yourself half to death over Christmas but kept things sensible and moderate, then well done, we deserve a bit of luxury. And, after all, Christmas technically runs up until the 6th January and Twelfth Night. These dishes are all on the lighter side, but feature interesting or pretty ingredients. StarterJose Pizarro's baked scallops with crispy serrano hambring to mind images of Spain. This dish is a great combination of flavours, with a hint of chilli Jose tells us, and he's not wrong. A little nip of chilli should brighten up cold January days. MainIf youve had roast beef over New Year and still have some leftover, then why not give it a pep up with Lucas Hollweg's cold rare roast beef with dill and mustard? If we don't then remember game is still in season. Jos Souto's Teriyaki style pan-fried woodpigeonis a great use of it. DessertMartin Blunos' pomegranate and ginger jellies are pretty as a picture. And we could cut out the double cream and serve with natural yoghurt (as Martin recommends). Fancy a bit more? Can fast food ever behealthy? Are cereal bars ashealthyas they look? 10 lies about 'healthy' food and drink Rachel de Thample's secret for ahealthydiet

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