HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES Green group promotes homemade ice cream

Chef Prema Dasi Dizon (left) mixes the ingredients for the homemade ice cream. Acelyn Dizon assists her sister while Green Youth Brigade head Louie Reyes looks on. Photo by Joey AguilarANGELES CITY The Green Youth Brigade led by environmentalist Louie Reyes recently held a free ice cream making activity dubbed as Homemade Ice Cream: A Healthy Alternative at the Verman Car Park, Miranda Street, Barangay Sto. Rosario, this city. How can one resist the delicious classic ice cream? Since childhood up until adulthood, ice creams are very popular frozen desserts made from dairy products. It is made from milk mixed with fruits and other ingredients, Reyes said.He noted that the recipes are less or no sugar and thus promote natural ingredients, no artificial flavors and colors. The activity was attended by Chef Prema Dasi Dizon, her sister Acelyn Dizon, Tanya Doble and Yaja Sibal and some of their friends. Chef Prema says the ingredients include all purpose cream, condense milk, evaporated milk, Ricoa chocolate powder (sweetened) and one tablespoon chocolate flavor.Using a heavy duty ice cream mixer, put all ingredients in a bowl and mix it for five minutes using speed 6 and then adjust it to speed 6 for 10 minutes. Then put it in the freezer overnight.The second day, stir it again using the mixer for five minutes (speed 6) and then adjust the speed down to 4 and mix it for 10 more minutes, then put it in the freezer overnight.On the third day, repeat the same procedure for 15 minutes and then in the afternoon, it could be served either with nuts, fruits or cookies on top, says Chef Prema.She says homemade ice cream is as delicious, tasty and yummy just like commercial ice cream.It is the second time Green Youth Brigade featured food in its activities. The first was the veggie/tofu sisig held at the Heritage Place Subdivision in Baranay Cutcut. It is a healthy alternative that tastes like the original pork sisig, Reyes said. If they enjoyed the veggie sisig, they will also enjoy this homemade i! ce cream . People will be surprised. It has big market potential for health conscious people, Reyes said. Chef Paul Dizon, Prema and Acelyns father, was the pioneer of Veggie/Tofu Sisig. He says its main ingredients include gluten or wheat flour as substitute for pork, and fresh tofu for liver.The Green Youth Brigade is a network of youth base community, peoples organization, non-government organization, and environmental advocates. It is also working on issues that promote a healthy sourroundings and its sustainable development. We are promoting environmental friendly ideas about publics environmental choices and seek the media and the internet to create greater awareness, Reyes said. The Green Youth Brigade also uses social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Multiply in promoting veggie sisig, homemade ice cream and other healthy foods.

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