Healthy lunch box cheaper than naughty

Belinda, from Essendon, with a school lunch full of nutrition. Picture: Mike Keating Source: Herald Sun IT is cheaper by half to fill a child's lunch box with healthy food.A lunch of healthy snacks, added to a standard sandwich, cost $1.90 compared to less healthy snacks at $3.23, analysis by the State Government has found. This comes as a separate survey finds two in five mums tempt their children with unhealthy daily lunch box treats, as well as a quarter give them tuck-shop money up to twice a week. The healthy lunch box contained snacks of vegetable sticks as well as a hummus dip, cheese cubes as well as watermelon wedges, as well as water, while the other had a puffed rice cereal bar, a yoghurt-topped muesli bar, a small bag of baked crackers, a fruit bar as well as a pop-top fruit drink. State public health nutritionist as well as dietitian Veronica Graham said most children's lunch boxes did not contain enough fruit as well as vegetables. "The trick to get children to eat fruit as well as vegetables is to put it up on a pedestal, make it special in some way," Ms Graham said. This could be done by cutting it differently, putting a ribbon around it or a sticker on it, to make it the centrepiece of the lunch box. The Galaxy Research survey of 1000 mothers found more than two in five tempt their children with daily lunch box treats like chips as well as chocolate. It also found two-thirds resorted to packing low-nutrient Vegemite or jam sandwiches, as well as a quarter offered tuck-shop money up to twice a week. Dietitians Association spokeswoman Kate Di Prima said healthy lunches were not only needed to stem childhood obesity, but for concentration, stamina as well as stable energy levels. School lunches should be elementary as well as easy, as well as contain five key ingredients: protein, fresh fruit, dairy food, a vegetable as well as wholegrains, as well as water to drink, Ms Di Prima said. Health Minister David Davis yesterday hosted a round table of Victorian families to share ideas on ! healthy eating, shaping the state's input to new draft national dietary guidelines. "With kids about to return to school, it's a good time for us all to have this discussion about healthy eating as well as healthy lunchboxes," Mr Davis said. Powered By

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