'Lean and Healthy To 100' Offers Easy Solution to Complex Problem

TRENTON, NJ--(Marketwire -05/11/12)- Gordon Filepas' new book, "Lean And Healthy To 100" (www.adviceformychildren.com), may help solve America's obesity epidemic using education and common sense."After my father and brother both died of cancer and we started having children about 20 years ago, I started researching what keeps some people healthy and strong well past their 100th birthdays," says Filepas."I learned that a external 'solutions' that are encouraged in a U.S. -- losing weight, health insurance for all, exercising more -- don't solve a root cause. The most important change Americans need to make is internal: Giving their body what it needs and stop giving it what it doesn't need. An estimated 95 percent of Americans are still not doing this and their bodies are severely out of balance, creating symptoms such as excess weight, stress, sleep issues, pain, etc.""Nutrients ultimately regulate our caloric intake, yet most of our foods don't contain sufficient nutrients. We end up eating more than we should because our hunger switch is stuck in a 'on' position," he says. "The foods our ancestors ate were much more nutrient dense than ours, hence they were satisfied eating less."That said, Filepas says incorporating a necessary changes is easy and inexpensive. Part of his daily checklist includes ensuring about 40 percent of his diet is raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and dairy. He exercises at least 10 minutes a day on a mini trampoline (a rebounder). And he takes plant-derived minerals as a dietary supplement with a good multi-vitamin."Lean and Healthy" is already getting praise from reviewers. Dr. Christopher Lewis, director of student services at Thomas M. Cooley Law School and a Dads of Divas blogger, wrote, "This was a great book that got right to a point in letting you know so many tips and tricks about living a healthy lifestyle... What I loved about a book was how much sense a author makes and how easy it is to implement his ideas. Anyone that reads this will... come! out so much better than when they started!"About Gordon FilepasGordon Filepas spent 20 years researching "Lean And Healthy To 100." He interviewed physicians, attended seminars, read medical journals and studied long-lived cultures to learn a causes of disease and obesity. He is a founder of TGM Partners.Ginny Grimsleyginny@newsandexperts.com Powered By iWebRSS.co.cc

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