Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla is a genus of herbaceous perennial plants in the Rosaceae, and a popular garden herb with the common name Lady's mantle. There are about 300 species, the majority native to cool temperate and subarctic regions of Europe and Asia, with a few species native to the mountains of Africa, North America and South America.
Most species of Alchemilla are clump-forming or mounded, perennials with basal leaves arising from woody rhizomes. Some species have leaves with lobes that radiate from a common point and others have divided leaves—both are typically fan-shaped with small teeth at the tips. The long-stalked, gray-green to green leaves are often covered with soft hairs, which hold water drops on the surface and along the edges. Green to bright chartreuse flowers are small, have no petals and appear in clusters above the foliage in late spring and summer.

Selected species
Alchemilla abyssinica Fresen.
Alchemilla alpina L. -- alpine lady's mantle
Alchemilla argyrophylla Oliv.
Alchemilla barbatiflora Juzepczuk
Alchemilla conjuncta Bab.
Alchemilla ellenbeckii Engl.
Alchemilla erythropoda -- Dwarf lady's mantle
Alchemilla filicaulis Buser -- thinstem lady's mantle
Alchemilla glabra Neygenf. -- smooth lady's mantle
Alchemilla glaucescens Wallr. -- waxy lady's mantle
Alchemilla glomerulans Buser -- clustered lady's mantle
Alchemilla gracilis Engl.
Alchemilla japonica Nakai & H. Hara
Alchemilla johnstonii Oliv.
Alchemilla lapeyrousii Buser -- Lapeyrous' lady's mantle
Alchemilla mollis (Buser) Rothm.
Alchemilla monticola Opiz -- hairy lady's mantle
Alchemilla orbiculata Ruiz & Pav.
Alchemilla sericata Rchb.
Alchemilla splendens Christ ex Favrat
Alchemilla subcrenata Buser -- broadtooth lady's mantle
Alchemilla stuhlmanii
Alchemilla subcrenata
Alchemilla subnivalis Baker f.
Alchemilla triphylla Rothm.
Alchemilla venosa Buser -- boreal lady's mantle
Alchemilla vulgaris L.
Alchemilla wichurae (Buser) Stefanss. -- grassland lady's mantle
Alchemilla xanthochl