As well as serving as a snack food without further processing, sultana raisins are used in a variety of dishes and baking, such as in fruit-cakes and Bath buns, sometimes prepared by soaking in water, fruit juice, or alcohol. The sultana grape is even used to make white wine, where it is known for its "sweet blandness".
Also referred to as the “three way grape” because it is used for table grapes, raisins and wine. In the United States it is the base for wine generically called “chablis” (named for the Chablis region of France). However, the wine made from this grape is not a true Chablis wine. The name Chablis is protected in the European Union. For wine sold in the EU, "Chablis" refers only to wine made from the Chardonnay grape produced in the region of Yonne d├ępartement.
It is also the most planted grape in California due to its triple use.
Sultana grape juice was fraudulently sold as being of Chardonnay grapes in Australia for wine making, due to the lower cost of Sultana grapes. The fraud was discovered in 2003 by Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. It was considered the largest case of wine deception in Australian history.